how to fix a slow metabolism

If you take some time and apply everything inside this article, you will know how to fix a slow metabolism.

Worrying over how to increase your metabolism is more common than you think.

And while there are foods that increase metabolism - many of which are inside The Flat Belly Plan food list…

...there’s also a lot of other diet and lifestyle changes you can make too. 

It’s these diet and lifestyle tips that I’d like to share with you today.

But before that…

...what causes a slow metabolism anyway?

Honestly, there’s 2 different ways in which people can experience symptoms of a slow metabolism.

The first is genetic.

People who have other family members who already have Type II Diabetes, have a higher chance of developing a slow metabolism.

Likewise, some research is showing that ageing (as in getting older) can have an impact on our metabolisms.

But despite being predisposed to experiencing a slow metabolism, and despite getting older… does not mean you have to accept the symptoms of a slow metabolism.

We’ll talk more about this below.

But in a nutshell... can reverse the symptoms of a slow metabolism in nearly all instances.

It's also worth noting that losing a few pounds of excess bodyfat will help improve our metabolisms too.

If you'd like some more info on weight loss I've linked a recent article below for you.

Best Weight Loss Tips For Fast Results

You probably think that being genetically predisposed to developing a sluggish metabolism is the main reason people have a slow metabolism in the first place…

...but it’s not.

Feeling tired or sluggish or have you noticed some unexplained weight gain, especially belly fat? These are signs and symptoms of a slow metabolism. Here are 7 ways to fix a slow metabolism so you can boost weight loss

The biggest reason people get issues with their metabolism is from what they eat and the lifestyle choices they make.

Because it’s both diet and lifestyle that caused these issues in the first place…’s diet and lifestyle that can reverse these symptoms.

And so if you want to know how to fix a slow metabolism, it makes sense to start here first, right?

Symptoms of a slow metabolism

Some of the symptoms of a slow or sluggish metabolism range from mild to severe.

A couple of mild symptoms are:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Brittle nails and teeth

And on the other side of the spectrum is the more severe symptoms such as depression. 

But the number 1 thing that women contact me the most about is unexplained weight gain.

It’s one of the most common symptoms of a slow metabolism.

To be honest, it’s usually the one women notice the most.

Without realizing it a few pounds of excess bodyfat just seems to appear on the hips, lower back and even stomach fat.

And this is where it usually starts to get worse for most women.

When they see this unexplained weight gain the very first thing they do is go on a crash diet will crazy low calories.

This makes everything worse.

It actually causes the metabolism to slow down even further. 

here's how to fix a slow metabolism

Every single one of these symptoms can be overcome, and in most cases reversed - especially if you add these foods that increase metabolism into your diet.

So if you’d like to lose that unexplained weight, and find out how to fix a slow metabolism it’s worth reading the 7 points below.

1 - Avoid sugar

Fast acting carbohydrates such as sugar and foods that have a high amount of sugar cause damage to how the body works.

In particular, at a cellular level.

It’s why the first 7 days of The Flat Belly Plan recommends to remove sugar completely.

This way you’ll regain control of your body, especially the hormones that relate weight loss and weight gain.

2 - Remove grains

For a long time traditional healthy eating and weight loss advice has told us that grains should be a staple part of our diet.

While there are different types of grains and some do offer benefits such as fibre - they also cause a significant rise in blood sugar levels.

This is especially true of white breads, pastas and things like pastries.

Pro Tip: A low carb diet will significantly help with weight loss.

You can go here to find out what foods can I eat on a low carb diet for weight loss.

3 - Eat Colours

Most online articles or coaches never seem to agree on the best approach for anything related to metabolism, weight loss or health.

But what all research and researchers do agree on is this…

...we need plenty of vitamins and minerals from food for a healthy body so it can remove waste substances, and allow for a fully functioning metabolism.

A great resource for these vitamins and minerals are found inside colourful foods such as peppers, broccoli and spinach.

Many of these foods actually help with fat loss too.

And in some cases belly fat which can read more about here inside the article called What Foods Burn Belly Fat?

4 - Healthy fats

Things are slowly changing.

But for a long time all fats were demonized.

We were told that they increased heart related diseases and even made us fat.

Thankfully, recent research has now shown much the opposite.

And it’s now clear that we actually need to eat healthy fats especially for ensuring a working metabolism.

Turns out that some healthy fats are some of the best foods that burn fat fast too.

All health and weight loss issues (including our metabolisms) require our hormones to function.

And given that our hormones need fats to work properly... makes sense to give them what they want, right?

Use these diet tips and lifestyle hacks and learn how to fix a slow metabolism so you can burn fat and improve your health. Having a healthy metabolic rate will help you feel better and increase your energy levels too

5 - exercise

If there’s one thing to remember when it comes to learning how to fix a slow metabolism it’s that exercise will increase it.

Just by moving more we will increase the amount of energy our bodies use up each day.

By increasing blood flow and you will increase the amount of new mitochondria.

And over time this will speed up anyone's metabolism.

High intensity interval workouts are perfect for this.

It’s why there’s a HIIT workout program included as part of The Flat Belly Plan

6 - Lift Weights

Just like HIIT workouts increase blood flow and boosts your metabolism, lifting weights acts in much the same way.

By increasing the amount of muscle fibres in and around your muscles, your body will use up more energy to keep the muscles active and healthy.

This is why lifting weight’s works so well for fixing a slow metabolism.

7 - Sleep

Lack of sleep increases the amount of inflammation in the body, increases cortisol and even the chance of heart related issues.

Lack of sleep can also slow down the immune system.

A slow metabolism is inevitable when you’ve got these symptoms. 

There’s an easy fix to this.

And that is to get more sleep.

6-9 hours of sleep is a great way to ensure your metabolism is working as it should be.

Bottom Line

There you have it, this is how to fix a slow metabolism.

Like I mentioned above, you have more control over your health, weight loss and metabolism than you think.

Mostly because it’s all related to your current diet and lifestyle.

And just knowing this means you have the power to completely change it.

If you’d like some help with increasing your metabolism and losing a few pounds in the process, then it’s worth checking out The Flat Belly Plan.

It’s a 3 week weight loss program which comes with a meal plan, diet guide and even a workout program too.

With thanks,

If you know you have a slow metabolism and want to lose weight or improve your health then speeding your metabolism is a good idea. This post will show you how to boost your metabolism

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