Foods That Help Torch Men’s Belly Fat

There was a time, not so long ago, where I could literally get away with eating anything I wanted.

Literally anything I wanted. 

And the bodyfat around my belly would pretty much stay the same.

(Just so we are clear - this time of eating anything I wanted has looooooong gone!)

I’m pretty certain when I say this.... 

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...but you can probably recall a period of time in your life that it felt like you could eat pretty much what you wanted, and no physical change would be seen?

Perhaps you weren't as fortunate as having this experience of eating anything and being able get away with it.

But here's the thing...

...even though eating a wide range of food and perhaps too much of certain foods, I still had what you would fat burning foods in my day to day food choices.

In fact, they made up a big proportion of what I ate.

Include these foods into your diet as they will help burn belly fat quicker.

Here’s the other interesting aspect.

If you were able to get away with eating anything, there is a good chance you also had these in your diet, even if you didn't know it.

On the other hand, if you easily gained weight around the abdominal area, perhaps your're food choices were lacking in these foods.

Who knows.

Makes you wonder though, right?

Fat loss and exercise?

I mean, with all the research now suggesting that exercise is not the main cause of fat loss at all.

There is plenty of studies available to suggest that you can lose weight and burn belly fat to get to your ideal weight without exercising.

This is especially try if you ​naturally boost testosterone levels.

This stance, however, is not one I personally promote.

My reasons are simple.

Fat loss is not just about burning fat.

For me, it’s also about building and maintaining muscle mass to makes us resilient.

With that said, the truth is, it’s more about what we eat than anything else.

To what degree food choices play a part will always be up for debate.

However, what is also known, is that there are proven foods that help torch men’s belly fat.

So, it worth reading the rest of this post to see what these foods are.

And even add a few of these into what you eat - even if you don’t workout right now.

I’ve kept a pretty unusual food until last for you.


Just so we’re clear, I am referring to the whole egg and not just the egg white.

You see, eggs are one of, if not the most complete protein sources that exist within food.

They contain the right amounts and types of fats that are needed to maintain optimal hormone balance for you to produce testosterone.

Turns out, that when testosterone is optimal..

foods that burn mens belly fat | is much harder to store unwanted bodyfat - especially around the lower abdominal area.

Oh, and if you’re eating just the egg white because your other half told you it's the “healthier” choice, tell her she’s wrong..

...on this occasion.

And this occasion only.

All jokes aside, eat the whole egg.


Any berries are a great choice when it comes to reducing the amount of belly fat on the body.

But, if I had to pick one, it would be blueberries.

These berries have been called a superfood for many reasons.

And it’s easy to see why when you consider they help:

  • Lower the risk of stroke
  • Lower the risk of hear disease, and of course
  • Boosts fat loss

One of the reasons this is so good at helping reduce the amount of fat on us is because they help sensitise your insulin.

Without over complicating this...

...the greater your insulin sensitivity, the more control you have over the absorption of sugar within the body AND the processing of carbohydrates.

In the short term this is great for your health, but in the long term it reduces the chances of you becoming overweight.

Not too shabby for a little ol blueberry, right?

On a personal note - this is the exact fruit I eat at breakfast each day.

They are packed with other antioxidants and help regulate blood sugars first thing in the morning.

A perfect start to the day.


It’s not just mackerel that is a food that helps torch men’s belly fat.

You could actually eat any oily fish that has a high omega 3 content such a salmon or sardines.

The reason oily fish works so well for removing belly fat is due to the omega 3 content we just mentioned.

Turns out that omega 3 oils help with the formation of testosterone so you benefit in much the same way as eggs.

However, the benefits of omega 3 don’t stop there. They also help increase metabolism and reduce inflammation.

This is especially important because, if inflammation is high - burning fat from anywhere in the body is pretty much a non-starter.

Too much internal stress is never a good sign.

So reducing inflammation will go a long way in torching belly fat.

Coconut Oil

For a long time, saturated fat was demonised for many reasons.

However, it seems that this is slowly coming to end. And rightly so.

The saturated fat in coconut oil will help with testosterone production.

This is just one of the cooking choices in the food list of the testosterone blueprint.

But, the MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) found in coconut oil may even help with weight loss.

This is what this study found when they observed 749 participants.

The study went on to conclude that MCT’s are potentially more favorable in reducing body weight than other sources of fats.

It’s also worth noting that no negative changes were seen in the blood lips profiles of the participants.

Kind of puts the saturated fat myth to bed too.


As I was researching on this topic, I had a pretty good idea about what the foods on this list would be.

Like I said in the introduction, I had always eaten most of these foods because of the fat burning effects.

But mushrooms?

Well, this one was new to me too.

So, what research suggests is that men who have higher amounts of belly fat than is safe...

...tend to have lower vitamin D levels than men with average or below average belly fat levels.

There could be many reasons for this, such as lack of sun exposure, or lack of vitamin D supplementation etc.

Whatever the reason, there is a high correlation.

Up step mushrooms.

Turns out mushrooms have a good amount of vitamin D (among many other things) which can naturally increase vitamin D levels.

So, when you combine this to the fact they they also helps prevents fat being deposited on your body, this could well be a food you need to start eating.

Oh wait...there's more.

As you can see, eating the right types of food can help go a long way in reducing the amount of belly fat, or body fat in general.

The key, however, is knowing how much of each food and at what times of the day.

I know, the nutritional space is an absolute minefield. So much conflicting information, it's overwhelming.

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