Warning: What you are eating is killing your testosterone!

Breakthrough research reveals that men have been sabotaging their testosterone levels for decades

“I read that getting low levels of testosterone was normal for us older guys. And so I’ve just come to accept all the symptoms of low testosterone.”

“I am convinced there’s something wrong with me. No matter what I do I always feel tired.”

“I really want to find my sex drive again, but I don’t know where to even begin.”

“I’m so overwhelmed with all the info out there, I’ve no idea how to increase my testosterone safely.”

“My sex drive is at an all time low and my waistline is expanding all the time. If I could figure out how to sort my “T” levels out I know I’d be fine.”

Sound familiar?

OK, so here’s what I know.

Your health matters to YOU.

I know this is 100% true.

It’s true because you are here reading this right now.

You are here because you’ve reached a point in your life where you can no longer ignore what’s happening to you.

Maybe you’ve noticed your sex drive drop off?

Perhaps you’re finding it harder than ever to lose weight?

Or maybe you’ve noticed your tired, fatigued, or just de-motivated for life itself

Here's the thing...

...1000’s of guys, just like you, START and STOP so many different diet plans that all promise to increase testosterone levels.

Yet most, (maybe even you) give up.

Or worse yet, NOT get the results you were promised.

So what’s up with that?

There’s no doubt you want to increase your testosterone levels.

You really want to improve your health and change your life…

...so why is it so damn hard to do?

Look, I’ll be completely honest with you…

..for a long time I had it all wrong.

Everything I thought I knew about men’s diet and health was built upon a foundation of sand.

  • It was weak
  • It was wrong
  • It was missing all the important stuff

I just didn't know it at the time.

The thing is, I got away with it for a while (a couple of years actually).

But then everything changed in an instant.

A few stressful situations turned my life upside down.

That’s when it hit the fan.

In a few short weeks I gained 20 pounds fat.

I became stressed and depressed.

I lost an incredible amount of muscle mass

I stopped sleeping.

And for the first time in my life I had food cravings.

What was going on?!

I knew this was NOT the real me, and something had to change - fast.

I knew I wanted my health back

I knew I wanted to lose that 20 pounds of fat.

I knew I had to start sleeping again.

And those food cravings? - They had to go. 

I’d been listening to the wrong advice for years.

So I knew that I was the only one who could turn this around.

So I did exactly that.

I figured it all out.

I realised that the combo of stress and eating all the wrong foods, was causing my testosterone levels to crash.

Once I realised this, it all changed.

I had to act fast if I wanted to turn this around.

So I took a deep dive into the science of food and lifestyle.

I found the ideal foods for men, made some lifestyle changes, created a few rituals, and made myself a plan.

(Yip, that’s me. On the left is following years of bad advice on top of a ton of stress. On the right is when I decided enough was enough, and I’d do it my way.)

It’s too easy to find a testosterone boosting diet plan online.

That’s the easy part, right?

The hard part?

Putting together yourself.

Then figuring out whether it's going to work, and if it’s safe.

It does NOT have to be this way.

In fact, I know it does NOT have to be like this.

I’m going to show you how to achieve AND maintain optimal levels of testosterone.

I’m gonna share with you the exact habits and rituals that allowed me to shed 20 pounds of fat.

Here’s a couple of things you ought to know.

You don’t need to completely overhaul your diet to improve your testosterone levels.

You don’t need to remove all the fun in your life to see a change in your health.

Just a few tweaks to what you eat (and how much you eat) will make all the difference.

How you start (and end your day) does have a dramatic impact on your testosterone levels.

  • Want to lose 5-15 pounds?
  • Want to increase testosterone levels?
  • Want to improve your libido?
  • Want to sleep like a baby?
  • Want to feel energized and full of life?

then let me show you how...

...because in just 21 days you can radically improve how you look and how you feel.

the 21 day

testosterone blueprint

A 21 Day Program For Men Between 30 -65+ Looking To Increase Testosterone-- Discover How To Increase Testosterone Naturally By Using Forgotten About Diet And Lifestyle Tricks

Testosterone Blueprint

This is the exact framework for increasing testosterone naturally, boosting levels of libido, and even burning stubborn bodyfat.

You’ll even learn all about the 6 biggest diet and health lies that have caused levels of testosterone to fall, and exactly what to do to avoid making these mistakes ever again.

Everything you need to increase testosterone naturally (and maintain optimal levels well beyond 21 days) is included right away.

here's what you get...

Meal Plan + diet Guide + Lifestyle Plan

Most men over the age of 30 are now suffering with symptoms of low testosterone.

And the truth is, it’s NOT their fault - all they did was follow the “mainstream” health and diet advice.

It’s frustrating because we’ve all been lied to. 

I’m going to show you how to use the 21 day diet plan, meal guide, and lifestyle plan so you can achieve optimal levels of testosterone again.

Advanced Testosterone Boosting Tools

Now that we’ve covered the testosterone boosting basics, we're going to take a deep dive into the actual testosterone boosting tactics that you can use well after you’ve finished this program.

I’ll share with you the exact steps to take in the morning and evening that are proven to skyrocket testosterone levels.

If you continue to use these tactics you’ll forever be in control of your own testosterone levels. 

Balanced Hormones

Increasing testosterone is just the beginning.

For the longer term solution we’ll need to address the balance of other key hormones such as insulin and cortisol if you really want to succeed.

I’m going to show you exactly how to de-stress and manage your blood sugar levels with a few simple diet and lifestyle tips.

Balancing these key hormones is the real “secret” to achieving optimal testosterone.

Testosterone Food List

The types of foods that you eat (or don’t eat) have a direct impact on how much “active” testosterone is produced.

Inside this blueprint I’m giving you the exact food list that jam packed with easily accessible (and inexpensive) herbs, spices, proteins, fats and carbs.

Knowing exactly what to eat and how much of these testosterone boosting foods to eat is a cornerstone to successfully increasing testosterone.

Testosterone Boosting Lifestyle Tips

How much sleep you get, the fatigue you experience and the levels of stress you are under dramatically influences how much testosterone is produced that day.

Most guys don’t sleep enough, are way too stressed and constantly fatigued.

And so I’m going to give you everything you need to combat this so you can sleep like a baby.

You’ll even get access to a very unique coffee mixture that increases testosterone and decreases stress.

​Lifetime updates

All the guys love this because when updates are made to the Testosterone Blueprint they automatically get all new updates.

2 updates have already been sent out and we wouldn't ever dream of charging them for updates.

Who is The 21 Day Testosterone Blueprint NOT for?

  • Women

  • Vegans and vegetarians

  • Men who want to keep making excuses for their health condition

  • Men who are happy with low testosterone

  • Men who have plenty of time to educate themselves and figure this out alone.

Who IS The 21 Day Testosterone Blueprint For?

  • Men between 30 - 65+ who want to increase testosterone levels naturally

  • Men who are not afraid of eating meat

  • Men who are ready to look good AND feel good

  • Men who have had enough of using free diet plans and cheat sheets

  • Men who are ready to stop making excuses

Who created the testosterone blueprint?

Hey! I’m Craig Lewis a certified Sports Scientists and strength coach for over 10 years.

For years I thought I had the whole healthy eating and exercising thing all worked out. On the outside my body looked good. Abs, lean muscle mass and sitting comfortably with single digit bodyfat - life was pretty good

But on the inside of my body, it was an entirely different story.

And in 2014 this became very clear when I had to deal with a few life situations that turned my life upside down. In a nutshell, my health deteriorated and my bodyweight skyrocketed. The entire foundations of my health were built on sand.

This is when I discovered the power of food, habits and lifestyle choices had on male testosterone levels. It’s these diet choices, habits and rituals that I had amazing success with.

Putting these together allowed me to drop 20 pounds of fat, feel energized all day and actually feel like my old self again. But this time, my entire foundation of health is solid and stable!

After my own health success I decided to put everything in place and make a blueprint. It would be a blueprint that any man could use to radically improve his health and testosterone levels.
And that’s what I want to share inside the 21 Day Testosterone Blueprint.

buy now and get these limited time bonuses, for free!

Daily Habits and Rituals

daily rituals (Value $47)
 daily habits and rituals that boost testosterone

Let’s get crystal clear on a few things, to be successful at ANYTHING you’ll need to adopt the right types of habits and routines.

And being successful at increasing testosterone naturally is no exception.

You’re going to need to use these habits and rituals on the inside of this program in conjunction to the foods you’ll be eating.

If there ever was a “secret” to increasing testosterone the natural way, it’s on the inside of this resource.

You’re even going to get access to my unique coffee mixture that's proven to reduce stress and boost testosterone.

I’ve also detailed the exact steps to take for you to use cold water in your favour to increase testosterone (and why this is important for testosterone).

Cheaters Guide

(Value $47)
how to cheat your way to optimal "T" levels

The word “cheat” could come across as something I’m asking you do to to cheat your body in someway.

But the reality of what this resource is about is very, very different.

This resource helps CREATE a very specific hormonal environment inside of your body and the TAKES ADVANTAGE of this environment so you can boost testosterone levels by making simple diet changes for a single meal.

The results of this can be phenomenal.

Both in terms of how you feel and how you look. When done correctly (by following what’s inside) results can literally be seen the next day.

I’m going to walk you through how you can cheat successfully and take advantage of this unique environment.

And just as importantly exactly what to do AFTER cheating.

OK, so what now?

So picture this...

...in just 21 days from now you could look AND feel completely different.

You'll have lost a couple of pounds of bodyfat.

And radically improved your health and finally feel like the old you. 

You'll have done what 1000's of other men fail to do, and that is get optimal levels of testosterone again.

You'll be noticeably more energised and you'll have far better eating and lifestyle habits than ever before.


...you can do nothing.

You could even go back to scouring the internet trying to find yet another free testosterone cheat sheet and figure out this testosterone things for yourself.

The only thing standing in the way of finally getting your hands on a diet and lifestyle plan that's specially created for men...

...is a one time payment of just $37.

It's up to you now. 


I'm in, sign me up

All that's left to now is click the big blue button below and enter your payment details. 

Once payment is confirmed you will instantly receive The Testosterone Blueprint including these free bonuses via email.

$37 - $67

What are others saying......

"The Amount Of Knowledge That Craig Shares In This Blueprint Is Unbelievable."

"There is no doubt that the advice he shares is based on his thorough research and his own experience. There is no doubt that following this guide and Craig's advice in general will change your life."

"If you have been struggling with losing weight, feeling tired and fatigued, or are confused about nutrition, then this guide will help you."

"I have experienced it on my own body. Adjusting and optimising my diet has given me more energy, removed drowsiness and given me a better sleep."

"I definitely recommend this Blueprint and all of Craig's advice."

Jacob Dh

I Work With Craig In Order To Have A Proven Approach Towards Diet And Lifestyle

"As someone who traditionally only trains for aesthetics, I found myself drawn to Craig because I know he understands how to combine diet and lifestyle choices for optimal health weight loss".

"The program I received certainly delivered, and I look forward to carrying on my work with Craig in the future."


Frequently asked questions

What is the 21-Day Testosterone Blueprint?

It is an approach to life and nutrition that is very specific for men. All the approved foods, habits, and rituals that you will find inside have all been proven to help support men’s health and hormones. Once you finish the 21 days, the Blueprint has been created so that you can continue with this for as long you want. If you feel you need to reset your body you can do the 7 Day Shock Protocol again. And then follow up with another 14 days.

What is the 7 Day Shock Protocol?

This is a protocol that happens in the first 7 days of the 21 days. The purpose of this is to rest your body and hormones so you are primed and ready for the next 14 days. This also helps remove any old bad food choices.

What type of foods does this diet consist of?

During the course of these 21 Days you will be eating many low GI carbohydrates, specific fats for men, lean animal proteins, some starchy foods and some fruits.

Do I have my own Blueprint to follow?

Yes you do. Not only do you have your own, but it will be based off your current body fat percentage. Don’t worry about getting tested. I have provided a visual guide to make this as easy as possible for you. There is a full list of foods that have been carefully selected on the basis that they support men’s health and hormones. The fats and carbs in particular are proven to kick start testosterone levels in men.

Is this Blueprint for me?

It depends, if you are a guy who is fed up with feeling tired, overweight, fatigued, or just not happy with your current health and lifestyle, then yes, this is 100% for you. This is suitable for men of any age, but particularly for guys over 30.

Do I need to start working out?

No you don't for the purpose of this Blueprint. This has been created around food and lifestyle habits that do not involve exercise. So any exercise is optional but not necessary.

Do I have to buy the supplements you recommend?

No, definitely not. These are provided to you as recommendations. You will find very specific details about how some of these organic herbs boost testosterone. But, they are just that, recommendations.

Is there a refund policy?

I want you to be absolutely sure this is a great deal for you. That’s why I include my 60 Day - 100% money back guarantee when you download the 21 Day Testosterone Blueprint.

If you finish the blueprint and are unsatisfied for any reason, just send an email to [email protected], and I will send you your money right back! All that I ask is for proof that you tried the program via photos of yourself or photos of approved meals and from your food list during the blueprint.

NOTE - No refunds will be given for mistaking this product as a hardcover. The contents of this blueprint are all digital. This means you you can download and read on your phone or laptop.

YES! I want to do this

$37 - $67

This will be your last chance to get The 21 Day Testosterone Blueprint at this price. 

Because we are continually adding more material to The Testosterone Blueprint (more habits, rituals, and more testosterone tips) we will increase the price soon.

Grab this men's diet and lifestyle program now at this low-as-ever price, and we look forward to seeing you inside The Testosterone Blueprint

If you have any questions please contact us: Email Support: [email protected]

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